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Clear crossing

by Natalie Vincent Fri 12 January 2018, 3:36 pm

The first phase of maintenance work in the Medway Tunnel took place in December, ensuring a vital transport link between nearby towns is kept operational.

With around 40,000 vehicle journeys through the tunnel every day, the first of the quarterly shutdowns planned for the work took place at night between 5 and 7 December to minimise disruption by contractor VolkerHighways.

Work on the tunnel included traffic management, washing, mechanical sweeping, footway and gully cleansing, testing of 16 jet fans for ventilation and system checks on electrical systems such as lighting, pumps and drainage.

The team also completed resurfacing works on the carriageway approaching the tunnel.

Alistair Thompson, managing director of VolkerHighways, said: "These possessions are essential to ensure the Medway Tunnel is maintained to a high standard for motorists.

"I am delighted by the success of our first overnight possession and look forward to continuing our work with Medway Council throughout 2018."

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