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Medway bids for ‘smart road’ government funding

by Natalie Vincent Fri 8 September 2017, 11:37 am

Medway Council has applied for government funding to update and introduce smart technology on its key A2 route from Strood to Rainham.

The proposal to introduce smart technology infrastructure throughout the A2 on the east to west carriageway is expected to reduce journey time and ease congestion during busy periods.

Smart technology has already made a difference to transport in Medway, including new speed cameras that have reduced speed traffic accidents and improved road safety. The new plans include improved CCTV and more reactive traffic lights at key junctions and interchanges. 

The then Minister for Transport  Andrew Jones remarked on the plans: “This government is investing record amounts improving and maintaining highways across the country to help motorists.”

Further details outlining the allocation of the government funds are expected later this year. 

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