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Medway Park: Olympic legacy in action

Tue 13 July 2010, 3:26 pm

Bob Dimond, Medway’s 2012 manager, has described Medway Park as a great example of Olympic legacy in action.
Speaking exclusively to Medway1 Magazine, he said: "People that may never have walked through these doors before might come here now and get enthused."

He continued: "When we won the Olympic bid everyone was talking about 'legacy' and there was a period of figuring out what it actually meant.

"What it means is facilities like this and local people being able to make use of them."

Medway Park is the result of the £11 million spent upgrading the old Black Lion sports centre. It is now Kent’s premier sporting hub, has played host to the Modern Pentathlon World Cup and is an approved training camp for London 2012.

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