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Leader writes to MPs to block Thames Estuary Airport development

Tue 13 July 2010, 3:18 pm

Councillor Rodney Chambers, leader of Medway Council, wrote to MPs at the beginning of this month urging them to join the campaign against an airport in the Thames estuary.
London Mayor Boris Johnson has proposed a 40 billion six-runway airport in the Thames estuary but Medway council sees the scheme as a pie in the sky plan that would ruin the area.

Councillor Rodney Chambers said: "Now that we’ve had a general election, and there are a number of new members of parliament, it is a good opportunity to seek even more support than we already have in our campaign.

"I am writing to the MPs who represent those areas that would be affected by an estuary airport to encourage them to join me in opposing this pie in the sky scheme."

Medway Council research has shown that nearly nine out of ten international airlines using Heathrow are against the proposals.

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