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Recycling firm set for expansion

by Marco Cillario Fri 3 June 2016, 10:30 am

A plastic recycling firm has started operating at full capacity and creating new jobs after relocating to a new site in Medway.

Recapture Plastics has launched from its new base on the Kingsnorth Industrial Estate in Hoo. Initially employing six people, the firm aims to create up to 20 jobs by the summer. 

The company takes large plastic goods such as bread trays, pipework and garden furniture, strips out non-plastic elements and produces clean plastic pellets, which are sold to manufacturers.

Neale Buttery, joint managing director at the firm, said that they found themselves in need of a new site after the negotiations on another site fell through.

As a recycling operator, Recapture required a site that met with Environment Agency approval criteria. The company works outside normal office hours and has frequent lorry movements, requiring somewhere away from residential areas.

“Many landlords hear the word ‘waste’ and imagine heaps of black plastic household sacks, which can put them off’” continued Buttery. “However, the process at Recapture employs the latest technology in plastics recycling and is a very clean operation.”

The site was found with the assistance of Locate in Kent, funded by the Kent Developers Group, Kent County Concil and local councils including Medway. Buttery visited the Locate in Kent website where he found a set of possibilities, including the Kingsnorth site.

Buttery described the site as “perfect”: “We are in the shadow of the power station and well away from any local housing. We’re an indoor operation, so any casual passerby really wouldn’t know what goes on here. We’re not disturbing anyone.”

Chris Broom of Locate in Kent said: “Our website property search is a great starting point for companies looking for premises, whether they are new to the county or looking to relocate within Kent and Medway.

“Recapture Plastics had a very defined set of criteria it needed to meet for a suitable base, but we helped them find what they were looking for quickly, and we are happy to have been able to help make the necessary introductions and help ease the purchase through.”

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