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Creative Residency launched

by James Renoux-Wood Tue 11 February 2014, 3:16 pm

The University for the Creative Arts (UCA) in Rochester has launched a “Creative Residency” initiative to encourage more projects to be led by guest artists and designers.

UCA has already established a rapport with industry leading experts and hopes to encourage contacts to become further involved in working with students.

One project already completed featured a two-day workshop on live motion graphics and projection mapping, led by audio-visual artists Fade In Fade Out.

Simon Ofield-Kerr, vice chancellor at UCA, said: “Our aim is to retain and advance the creative vitality at UCA through this initiative, where projects led by external practitioners, historians, theorists and the like have provided stimulation to both students and staff for a number of years.

“There are some brilliant projects in the pipeline within this initiative, with promising and inspiring outcomes that will broaden the students’ understanding and enhance their experience at UCA.” 

Other projects, such as a workshop about "cyberformance", are in the pipeline.

In other news, two fashion students at UCA Rochester have been shortlisted for the National Tailoring and Design Awards, for their men’s tailoring portfolios, as pictured above.

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