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Town makes national job-growth rankings

by Jim Dunton Tue 4 February 2014, 2:00 pm

Chatham is one of the nation's top performers in terms of private-sector jobs growth, according to new research.

Economic think-tank Centre for Cities has placed it in the UK’s top 10 for rising non-public-sector employment in its just-published Cities Outlook 2014 report, which compares the fortunes of the UK’s 64 largest towns and cities.

According to the report’s authors, Chatham saw its private-sector job count rise by 1,300 between 2011 and 2012 - the most recent data set used.

The figures placed it ninth out of 64 for growth, suggesting a 2.2 per cent rise in private-sector workers.

According to Centre for Cities, just 28 towns and cities saw their private-sector employment figures for 2011-12 grow, while three saw employment in the category remain stable.

Centre for Cities chief executive Alexandra Jones said the report showed positive signs of growth, but called on the government to devolve more powers to the local level to enable individual cities to focus on their core needs.

“Cities Outlook 2014 shows that that the gap between London and other UK cities is widening, but that other cities are making progress,” she said.

“To enable cities to respond to their particular strengths and weaknesses the government should build on City Deals and devolve more funding and powers to UK cities - London and others - so they can generate more of their own income and play to their different strengths.

“This will help ensure this is a sustainable, job-rich recovery across the country.”

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