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Job-creation figures 'treble' target level

by Jim Dunton Fri 6 December 2013, 2:00 pm

Almost 200 new jobs were created in Medway during the first six months of the current financial year, according to figures from investment agency Locate in Kent.

Medway Council said 196 new jobs had been created, and a further 60 preserved after five new companies invested in the area between April and the end of September.

It said the figure was “nearly four times” the target that had been set.

Councillor Jane Chitty, the borough’s strategic growth and economic development lead, said the data showed the strength of the area’s appeal.

"These figures show that Medway is an attractive destination for firms wishing to start up or to expand their business, and we are offering the right conditions for companies wishing to come here,” she said.

She said that another 126 firms were actively looking at Medway as a location for their operations, and that nearly half of them were looking to set up manufacturing or distribution operations.

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