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Procurement changes target local growth

by Jim Dunton Thu 12 September 2013, 11:50 am

Medway Council has introduced new rules for the way it buys goods and services in a bid to better aid the local economy, driving jobs and growth.

One of the ways it is seeking to better leverage its £230 million budget is by requiring companies that secure contracts worth £1 million or more to take on at least one local apprentice.

Medway said the new three-year procurement strategy was evidence of it “cutting red tape” for local businesses and represented a fresh approach to growing the area’s £2.8 billion economy, and encouraging innovation.

Deputy council leader Alan Jarrett said the success of the new approach would depend in part on better management of the supply chain, and that the council wanted to build on its established good relationships with Medway-based companies.

“We want Medway Council to be the best public sector organisation for local companies to do business with,” he said.

“As a result, our new approach will benefit residents, who will get better services. It will also give the local economy and businesses a much-needed boost.

“We are aiming to work very closely with our suppliers, and we want to ensure there is fair competition among local companies who we talk to.

“We have also given a commitment to report back to businesses in six months, to tell them what progress we are making.”

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