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Revised Chatham bus station design wins council approva

Fri 5 February 2010, 12:58 pm

Chatham is to get a 5 million bus station paid for by the Homes and Communities Agency out of funds earmarked for Thames Gateway regeneration projects.

Medway Council last week gave planning permission for the project after designs were altered following public consultation to reduce the number of trees that must be felled to make way for it. (Sourced from Planning Resource.)

The bus station will replace a 1970s structure described by the council as uninviting and is due for completion by spring next year. Also approved is a travel information centre.The number of felled trees has been reduced from 31 to 17 and twice that number will be planted nearby.

The council's director of regeneration, culture and community Robin Cooper said: "We can now say goodbye to one of the worst bus facilities in the UK at the Pentagon and provide a welcoming experience for its 60,000 passengers a week."

The bus station was designed by architects D5. Partner Ian Saunders explained: "The system links to real-time bus information for the area and allows the facility to be smaller and more efficient than a traditional bus station."

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