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University involved in Radio 4 experiment

Fri 13 April 2012, 10:10 am

Fashion students at the University for the Creative Arts in Rochester are set to settle an age-old question.

Val Waltham, a finalist on BBC Radio 4’s So You Want to Be a Scientist, has devised an experiment to test whether people look thinner in stripes.

She enlisted the help of students at the UCA to make a range of shirts and dresses with stripes running either horizontally or vertically, then filmed them. Visitors to the BBC Science tent at the Edinburgh Science Festival will be asked to watch the videos and estimate the size of the models.

Val said: “Working with UCA has been a great experience – the students have been fantastic. Not only have they made up the garments, but they also volunteered to act as models.”

Student Luq Ali said: “I own loads of stripey clothes and I definitely do think they have an impact on perception of size. I can’t wait until the findings are revealed.”

The results of Val’s experiment will be revealed at the Cheltenham Science Festival in June.


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