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Medway on iPlayer

Fri 16 October 2009, 10:02 am

The leader of Medway Council featured on John Prescott’s BBC2 documentary Prescott, the North South Divide, which was aired on 15 October.
Cllr Rodney Chambers spoke to Mr Prescott about the area’s regeneration programme, and about his views on the differences and similarities between life in the north and south of England.

Areas of Medway were highlighted as examples rejecting the myth of a yuppie lifestyle throughout the south, with specific attention being given to the impact the closure of the dockyard had on the region. 

Cllr Chambers said: “Being interviewed on the programme gave us an opportunity to present Medway and all its achievements on a national stage.

“We were able to show how this area has come through the closure of the Royal Naval Dockyard 25-years ago and how regeneration is gathering pace.

“Already, we have Chatham Maritime and four universities based here, attended by 10,000 students, and the regeneration of Rochester riverside, Gillingham waterfront and Strood riverside will open up the river.” 

To catch the programme on BBC iPlayer click here


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